Awesome Week

Awesome Week

This has been an incredible and memorable week at the gym. Early in the week Derick’s video of him at the Arnold went viral. It was picked up and promoted by the Governator himself and quickly went all over the interwebs, the youtube clip is currently over 200,000 views!

Based on Arnold’s personal promotion a bunch of websites and blogs picked up the story. Below are some of our favorites.

HERE is a great article from Muscle and Fitness
HERE is a great article from Guyism
And an awesome clip from a TV show…

Then it was time to hit up the first workout of the 2013 Crossfit Open. It was amazing to support and witness newbies and veterans alike through a brutal combo of burpees and snatches. The support and team atmosphere we offer at PSKC is what makes it such a special place.

Then on Saturday we introduced our first of many “Trojan Saturdays” with the PHS football team. Close to 30 of the players came down to learn some lifting technique and get exposed to some nasty team based conditioning.

A remarkable and very busy week. We’d love for you to join the madness. Send a message and we’ll get you a slot for our next beginners program kicking off this Wednesday at 630pm.

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