Arnold Weekend 2013

Arnold Weekend 2013

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This past weekend at the Arnold was an awesome experience.

We had over 6 teams compete in the Linda competition and all of our female teams made the cut for Sunday’s finals. Of which one of our teams took first place!

Our girls are awesome. It’s truly amazing to watch them grow physically and mentally from swinging 18lb kettlebells to deadlifting 300lbs. They are strong…they are caring…and they are excited about what they’ve done and more importantly what they’re gonna do.

They train for performance….not for the scale. They are an example for all women. Based on the success we’ve had with our ladies in the gym. We are going to develop a summer camp for high school age female athletes. We’ve got to instill the same sense of confidence, strength, and determination into our young female athletes. Please stay tuned to this website and our Facebook page for details. In the meantime, you can email if you’re interested in this program for your daughter.

In addition, our good friend Derick Carver put on an inspirational display giving all he had to give on the Linda event.

It was a remarkable experience to be there and witness it. Nice work Carver….we love you brother and look forward to watching the success of your gym!

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