Are You Functionally Fit?

Are You Functionally Fit?


Functional fitness is defined as “exercises that train your muscles to work together and prepare them for daily tasks by simulating common movements you might do at home, at work or in sports.”

Break that down and it translates as performing movements in the gym that will best prepare you for real life scenarios/situations. What CrossFit does is takes functional movements, vary them constantly, and perform them at high intensity. We want  you to be armed, able and ready to face whatever life may throw at you.

Here are two great examples that have happened this week alone:

1) Right after the 530pm class on Tuesday there was a car wreck right outside the gym on the corner of 3rd and Court St (don’t worry everyone was okay). Literally 20 seconds after the workout finished, 3-4 Nurses and 1st Responders rushed from the gym outside to go assist..immediately AFTER the workout. Think about that…you all know how you feel when the last seconds ticks off after an AMRAP. Now you’ve got to go try and save someone’s life? Absolutely…that my friends is functional fitness. Preparing yourself for what the real world may demand of you one day. On another note, that is why we do not allow you to lay on the floor after the workout. We don’t want you to think it’s acceptable to sprawl out on the floor in a submissive posture. Don’t train yourself to be defeated. Train yourself to be ready for the next task.

2) There are no “weight classes in the real world”. For those of you don’t make it to the 530am classes, you don’t get the opportunity to meet Ladd. Ladd is one of the guys who could eat Hickey’s hamburgers and 2nd st Dairy Bar everyday and not gain weight (see above). But that hasn’t stopped him from getting as strong as he can get. Ladd sent me this message the other day and it’s a perfect example of why it’s absolutely vital to be functionally fit:

“Hey man, thought I would share a quick story with you. My wife’s grandfather is dealing with some health issues and has been feeling weak lately. I received a phone call from her grandmother this morning around 9am saying that he had fallen. She assured me that he wasn’t hurt but was uncomfortable and unable to get up on his own. As I hurried to their house some doubt entered my mind because of my size compared to his and having just finished that killer workout only a couple hours before. I arrived, assessed the situation and was able to lift 250lbs of solid man from the floor to the couch surprisingly without great effort. Needless to say, a year and a half ago, I would never have attempted this for fear of not only injuring him but myself as well. I know I have a ways to go but I’m excited at how far I’ve come. Just wanted to thank you for all you do and tell you how much my family and I appreciate what you have started with PSKC.”

That is the true and beautiful definition of functional fitness. Could you lift your ailing grandparents? Will you be able to play with your kids? Will you be able to pull your loved one out of a car in a worst case scenario? Are you prepared?

All it takes is effort and consistency. We train for life and we’d love to help you out. Our next free workout is next Saturday, January 31st at 9am. Our next 101 course starts on Tuesday, February 3rd at 530pm. All you gotta do is email and we’ll get you going.

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