Another Great Week!

Another Great Week!

Want to show a big shout out to Kyle. The above before/after photo shows his progress after 3-4 months. He quit smoking, kicked diet Dew, cleaned up his diet, and starting hitting up the gym hard. He is a quiet dude, doesn’t say much..just busts his ass. Congrats brother, we are damn proud of you.

We had another great week in the books. We established our training maxes for backsquat and military press, got in a bitch of a birthday workout, and some other awesomeness in the process. We also kicked off the first of the “dawn patrol” with 6am workouts on Tuesday & Thursday. We had great crowds including 9 of you pyschos on Thursday. Keep up the attendance and we might just have to expand the 6am offerings.

Thursday’s 6am crew

Remember every Tuesday will be lower body lift and Thursday will be upper body lift. At the end of the 6 week cycle we will switch up the exercises. So remember your training maxes you established. This week on Tuesday & Thursday we are hitting up 5X5 at 60% of your 1RM.
Week 2 – 4X4 at 70%
Week 3 – 5X3 at 80%
Week 4 – 3X2 at 90%
Week 5 – Test out for new maxes

We will then start over with new exercises. For those that have been religiously sticking to the 5/3/1 program on squats and deadlifts. My recommendation to you is to stick with it so you can continue that program over the course of the year(s). Only thing you’ll need to do is simply switch out your lifts. For example if you’re a regular 5/3/1 backsquatter on Sundays, for this mini-cycle do front squat instead of backsquat on Tuesdays. This way you can continue with your 5/3/1 program. If you have any questions, see a coach.

Finally here’s a 30 second clip of pure pain face. It was my 30th 30 second interval on the airdyne. Damn thing eats my lunch every time..

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