Another Great Pain Clinic..

Another Great Pain Clinic..

It was legitimately 0 degrees this morning in Southern Ohio…that didn’t stop close to 20 people who wanted a piece of the Pain Clinic. Some folks were even willing to give blood to get their workout in…

Shin scraping on box jumps..

Now most people would freak out…stop what they’re doing, call an ambulance, and have a significant emotional event over this. Not the folks who go to PSKC…

“Memories fade, scars tell stories forever”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not happy this happened, had Primetime not rushed through and tried to get an extra box jump her shins wouldn’t have kissed the edge of the box. But I am happy she’s such a bad ass to Ranger Up’d the rest of the workout.

Wes getting close to full extension on the roll outs
Coach Dave posting the official thumbs up

People aren’t just born tough…it can be a skill that is acquired. But you’ve got to put in the time/work to get there. You’ve got to be willing to test yourself, to go to that place that is uncomfortable…to be willing to continually test your self-imposed limitations…”if you train like everyone else, you’ll be like everyone else”. Let us show you how to be different…

See you all Monday!

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