Amazing People Doing Amazing Things!

Amazing People Doing Amazing Things!

The four teams that showed up to represent the Hike for Hospice killed it! Nothing quite like teaming up to do a 5K carrying kettlebells, a strongman Yoke, each other, and even a vintage fanny pack! We had close to 20 people who showed up to challenge themselves. This was the first time we had done something like this, and everyone agreed we need to do it more often.

the beginning of a team 5k carrying someone on your back
Team Yoked Up rocking the new T-Shirts!
Badass ninjas with the “Stop Staring at My Traps” tank tops

Although some people may have been a little apprehensive in the beginning and maybe even wondered, “should I even try this?” Every single person was thrilled they did it. And the same goes for next week’s Gauntlet Challenge. Now is the time to step up and test yourself…challenge yourself, gain the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. We are going to have a ball on the 21st and would love for you to come participate!

TANKS AND NEW SHIRTS ARE IN!! Make sure you bring your money in this week. After next week I’m putting them online for sale!

Shirt that you receive at the Gauntlet. Also available for sale at the gym- $20

See you guys for another great week of training as we prepare for Saturday’s Gauntlet! This week’s intro will be on Wednesday at 5pm. See you all at 6 or 7 on Monday!

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