AMAC 315 Split Jerk

AMAC 315 Split Jerk

That is my best friend AMAC and that is a 315lb split jerk. That is ridiculously strong.. being that is he my best friend, the majority of conversations are centered around name calling, making fun of one another, tests of manhood, and ultimately who can outdo each other.

For just this once brief moment I would like to say ….damn Aaron you’re strong.

You’ve been a great example for me to follow ever since I was a shy and chubby 4th grader that somehow found football. Being a year older than me, you had some serious clout at the after school tackle football games based on your early reputation on the football field even at the Pee Wee level. (AMAC would later go on to play college football).

I’ll never forget the time you lobbied on my behalf to the “cool” kids to be on your team. At that time you had no idea what confidence that gave that shy and chubby kid. And as a few years went by, the fact that the “cool” kids didn’t think I was good enough would drive me to lift my dad’s old weight set on the porch… and I haven’t set that weight set down for over the last 20 years.

Sometimes, all it takes is for someone to believe in you…so you believe in yourself. 

I have never forgotten that day. And that is driving philosophy at PSKC…you might be shy, you might be a little overweight, and you may not have the much confidence. We don’t care…we believe in you. We know the incredible things you’re capable of…that’s why we push each other so hard. The only thing you’re judged on is the effort you put forth.

Fantastic work tonight guys…the run/farmers carry finisher was not joke. See you guys tomorrow at the 6 or 7 option!

PS..Mac, don’t expect me to ever say a nice thing about you again you sonofabitch. And now damnit, I have to get 315!

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