Agent Oso

Agent Oso

PSKC CrossFit – CrossFit


1: Metcon (No Measure)

Split up into the following groups based on skill level and spend around 15 minutes working on the following:

A) Handstand Push Up Progressions (i.e. max set of strict, facing the wall, feet on box, etc.)


B) Rope Climb Technique Review (advanced can feel free to work on muscle ups)


2: Metcon (Weight)

18 Minute EMOM

A) 50 Double Unders (sub 60 single unders)

B) 5 Front Squats from the floor (155/125) (105/75) (95/65)

C) 2 x Suicides on the Turf
Start at different stations and complete one (1) movement each minute with the remainder of the minute being used to move to the next station. You will complete six (6) total rounds.

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