Adopt a Soldier/CrossFitter: Task Force Dark Horse Partnership

Adopt a Soldier/CrossFitter: Task Force Dark Horse Partnership

Week 1 workout 2 outside burpees Warren & Martin

Over the last couple of weeks we have been working with an Army unit (Dark Horse – Task Force Nightmare’s HHC) deployed in Eastern Afghanistan. This was made possible due to the awesome work of Team Red, White, and Blue and Wod4Warriors.

We have been providing them online coaching, programming, and helping them establish their CrossFit program. It is one of the most rewarding projects we’ve been involved in and now we want to take it a step forward.

We are looking to pair a member or two with each of the soldiers in Dark Horse to send email, letters, and care packages especially now that the Holiday season is fast approaching. We are in the process of receiving a list of all the CrossFitters in our partner unit. If you are interested in adopting one of Dark Horse’s warriors, send an email to and we’ll link you guys up!

We will also pick a Saturday in November to get together and put together care packages to send to our men and women deployed down range.

We have been very fortunate to enjoy our new facility. We are blessed to train with great equipment in a great atmosphere. Now more than ever it’s important to remember those serving abroad allowing us to enjoy our safe and secure freedom and many liberties. Take a look at some of the photos where our men and women of Dark Horse train at:

Wall Ball Targets

Boots replace Olympic Lifting shoes..


Pullup Rig


We want to shower these guys with a tremendous amount of care, love, and support. We’ve been at war for 12 years. If you were an 18 year old during 9/11 and enlisted shortly thereafter odds are you’ve been on at least 4-5 deployments and spent half of your military career deployed. Unless you’ve served you’ll never know the hardships these men and women face and endure.

Now is your turn to give them some love and much needed support. Let them know we’re here for them and haven’t forgot about them. There is nothing worse than to feel forgotten and unappreciated. Let’s show these guys how Portsmouth takes care of those who take care of us. Email if you’d like to be linked up and support our troops. Now is your chance.

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