Adams County Half Marathon – 29SEP12

Adams County Half Marathon – 29SEP12

This summer and fall our schedule is going to be jam packed full of events. We’ve got our 2 year anniversary celebration on August 25th. I think we’re up to 5 teams now for the Back at the Ranch competition on September 15th. We’re also working on a local Portsmouth area “battle of the gyms” in October. And also don’t forget about the Tough Mudder in Maysville, Kentucky on October 20th!

But also in the midst of this madness, our very own Louvina is putting on a half marathon in Adams County on Saturday 29SEP12. Click HERE for the details. Some of the proceeds from the race will go to benefit the Amish school fund.

I’m not much of a runner myself. As a matter of fact I abhor running anything longer than a sprint distance. But in the spirit of doing things you suck at. I committed to doing this half marathon. It won’t be pretty for me..but for all the runners at PSKC this would be a great course for you.

Get ahold of Louvina at the gym for more details.

Keep pounding the water. This week will be a good one. On the 4th of July, evening classes will be cancelled but we will be having the 9am class and it will be a good one.

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