A Very Busy Next 3 Months…

A Very Busy Next 3 Months…

Pops and Hammer pushing one another during a Saturday Pain Clinic

With July coming to a close we are preparing for a month full of activities in August which will only be rivaled by September and October. So get your calendars out and make room on your busy schedule. You won’t to miss any of the fun.

Beginning at the end of this week the majority of the staff at the gym will be taking a much needed vacation. So we will have a modified schedule for a few days. The following will be our vacation schedule starting this Friday –
Friday 27JUL – 5:30pm class only (9am class cancelled)
Saturday 28JUL – 9am Pain Clinic only
Monday 30JUL – 5:30pm class only (9am & 630pm classes cancelled)
Tuesday 31JUL – 9am & 5:30pm class only (630pm class cancelled)
Wednesday 1AUG – 9am & 5:30pm class only (630pm class cancelled)
Thursday – back to regular schedule

For the month of August we have two big events we’d like you guys to come participate in;

1) Saturday 19AUG12 – (0900-1200) We will be hosting the local USMC recruiting station for a 1/2 day of physical training and team building for future Marine recruits. We will need as many volunteers as possible to lead these guys through a half day of fun! If you’ve never helped out in one of these PSKC/USMC events you’re missing out

2) Saturday 25AUG12 – 2 Year Anniversary Celebration! We’re still finalizing details, but rest assured we’ll kick off with a monster workout followed by food and drinks. Then possibly a cookout pool party afterwards.

In September we have the following;

Saturday 15SEP12 – we will be rolling deep over to Troy, Ohio for a great time at the Back at the Ranch competition/event. I think we have 4-5 teams signed up. You can also register as a volunteer or try to round up some more folks to join you on a team. The more the merrier!

Saturday 29SEP12 – the Adams County 1/2 Marathon. This will be my first 1/2 and I’ll need all the pushing I can get! Plus our very own Louvina is organizing the event. Click HERE to learn more about it.

And finally for October!

Saturday 13OCT12 – Portsmouth Area Gym Competition at Spartan Stadium. The Scioto County Health Commission is in the process of finalizing details. But there will be both all male and all female teams comprised of individuals from Scioto County gyms. Each team will compete against one another in a series of fun and challenging events. More info to come!

Saturday 21OCT12 – KENTUCKY TOUGH MUDDER! We’ve got around 10 people already signed up on the PSKC team and always looking for more to take on the Mudder! Click HERE to register.

So as you can see plenty of stuff to keep you busy and to dedicate training time towards. Keep getting stronger, keep getting faster, and keep going longer. If you’re interested in taking part in this lil bit of awesomeness happening in the next 90 days, come on down and schedule an intro. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish in the next 3 months. No need to be worried/shy/intimidated, just read what two folks have to say about completing the beginners program;

“I just wanted to say your coaches really make everyone feel welcome and not dumb for not knowing how to work out like most gyms I have tried.”

“I was very pleased with my initial PSKC experience. Both staff and members were very polite, helpful, and humble. Really appreciate it!”

Our next beginners program is this Tuesday at 5:30pm. Hope to see you then!

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