A Little Taste of Murph 🇺🇸

A Little Taste of Murph 🇺🇸

PSKC CrossFit – PUSH

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A Little Taste of Murph (Time)

Run 1 Mile

– Rest 1 Minute –

Then 4 RFT:

400m Run

– Rest 1 Minute –

**Your score is the total time, including the rest.

Welcome to WEEK NO. 3 of PSKC PUSH • A little taste of #murph 🇺🇸 • With this one we want you to work on a sustainable pace. For your first mile run, keep a nice, steady pace, come back, rest + recover for one minute. THEN complete the 4️⃣Rounds, 400m run + 1 minute rest. Look at the clock each time you complete your 400 and work at maintaining, if not bettering your time each round. #pskcpush #pskc3d #pskcstrong #pskccrossfit

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