9/11 Fundraiser = Tuesday

9/11 Fundraiser = Tuesday

This year we are teaming up with Team Red White & Blue to host a workout fundraiser on Tuesday September 11th. The workout is Operation Vigilance:

2730 foot rope climb, May be done as a team.

“The symbolism of this climb lies within the twin towers – 2730 feet was their combined height.   Their formerly imposing stance in the New York City skyline made them a target, and once hit, an impossible situation.  The lesson we must never forget from the day is where necessity meets impossibility, the mentally and physically prepared can step forth and say “follow me”.  Stay ready. Be vigilant.”

Our ropes are exactly 11ft 4in high. That breaks down to 234 rope climbs to hit the 2730ft mark.
For September 11th we will have a morning class (9am) and only one evening class (530pm). We are only having one evening class in order to get the most people to come to one class to form up more teams. You can choose your own teams ahead of time, or we will assign you to a team.
Also if you’d like to attempt solo or in partners, you can do that as well. Scaling will also be offered for those who have difficulty with the rope climb. This would definitely be a boots and BDUs (pants) kinda workout, so dress appropriately. 

We are asking each person that conducts this workout to bring a donation and place it in the bucket on the day of the workout. We have well over 50 members and if each member brings $20 we will easily reach our $1000 goal. Anything you can give will be appreciated for this great veterans’ cause. 
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