9-11 Throwdown Fundraiser, Sunday 9am – Time to Give Back

9-11 Throwdown Fundraiser, Sunday 9am – Time to Give Back

“I’ll settle for nothing less” NEITHER SHOULD WE…

Sunday 9am is fast approaching. 10 years ago this Sunday thousands of Americans were killed by terrorists. Since that time, 6206 service men and women have lost their lives serving their country in the Global War on Terror. Several hundred more have been wounded and/or lost a limb.

We” have been at war for close to decade. I say “we“, because in reality only 1-2% of the American population during this past decade has actually sacrificed for their country during this period. Remember that feeling you had immediately after 9-11? What has happened to that feeling since then? What have you done to support those who have given so much for you? Guys like DT..

Take yourself back to that morning 10 years ago, go back to that feeling. Remember…

There are those still fighting, those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, and those who bear the scars. We must take care of them. We must do our part…

This Sunday at 9am, PSKC is putting on a workout to raise money for the Disposable Heroes Project. All the money goes to support wounded warriors and their families, guys like DT. Click HERE for full details.

You have from now until Sunday to stop in the gym and donate money. Or you can go directly to the website (HERE), just make sure you let me know your total so we can add it to the gym’s total.

Hope to see you guys on Sunday. Get ahold of me; louisdaleking@yahoo.com if you need further info!

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