8DEC14 Programming

8DEC14 Programming

BEAST FUEL IS COMING! Samples will be available at the gym on Monday. If you like them put your name down on the order form.

Don’t forget this Saturday is our annual Christmas competition/party! We will do a 4 person coed random selection team competition. It will be exactly like our anniversary competition we did in August. All teams will be a random draw and we will do 3-4 mini events. It’s a great chance to have fun and join up the morning and evening crews. Immediately afterwards we will have a Christmas potluck dinner. The gym will supply the meat and we ask everyone else bring a sidedish and a silly gift for the white elephant gift exchange. We will break out some cornhole and rowling. It’s a chance to get together, workout, eat, and laugh. Next week we will have a signup sheet in the gym so you can let us know you’re coming and what you’re bringing. We hope you guys can make it!

This week’s programming..


Monday (Max effort day) :


1) 15 min to find 1RM Box Squat

2) 3 x 10 kb overhead lunges (5 each keg)


3) 3 rounds:

– 12 x Thrusters (95/65)

– 12 x TTB



Tuesday (dynamic upper/lower day) :

Start at separate couplets as needed depending on how many are in class


10 minute EMOM at each station. Give a few minutes between each station to set up weight and rest. A/b alternate every minute (a’s odd minutes, B’s even)


1a) 3 front squats @ ~70%

1b) 10 wall ball


2a) 8 pull ups

2b) 8 double kb push press


Cash out:

Max effort 1000m Row/Ski



Wednesday (max effort upper body) :


1) 10 minutes to find 1RM Strict Press


2a) 3 x 10 each side kb rows

2b) 3 x 15 band resisted push up


3) 4 rounds for Time:

– 3 x wall walks

– 5 x push press (135/95)

– 10 x box jump (24/20)



Thursday (olympic/light metcon) :



Work up to a heavy set of the following complex

1 x power snatch

1 x hang squat snatch

1 x full snatch



20 minute amrap:

– 1 Rope Climb

– 10 Push Ups

– 15 calorie row/ski



Friday (FYF) :


1) Work on kb snatch technique during warmup then:

– 7 X 2 kb snatch



Every two minutes for 20 minutes, you complete the following as fast as you can

– 5 burpees

– 10 Snatches (5w/5s, 53/35)

– 15 Mountain Climbers

– 20 Swings (53/35)

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