7 Rounds of Suck

7 Rounds of Suck

extremely Wizard friendly…

Tuesday’s Mudder workout was not a pleasurable experience. 7 rounds, 7 exercises, 7 reps..with 400 meter runs sprinkled in after every odd numbered round for “shits and gigs”. This one took it out of everybody..Wes and I almost chased the vomit comet; and the C.U.W. decided “milk was a bad choice”, after downing a cold glass of Vitamin D good stuff prior to class.

Tonight, we went continued to work the development of the Olympic Snatch. For those who are comfortable with the movement, we wanted them to add a little weight to the bar and start working on speed and aggressive turnover. For the beginners we separated off and just worked the mechanics with a PVC pipe.

For the finisher we formed into teams and did relays of:
Overhead Lunges
Traveling Burpees

paying the burpee penalty for cups left out

Don’t forget to pre-order and pay for the PSKC shirts and hoodies no later than this Friday. For my out of town folks, I’ll ship them out to you, but you need to make your order by clicking HERE.

Finally, some homework. You guys hear us preach a lot about “getting your business tight” before and during a lift. Whether its the squat, deadlift, clean, press, turkish get up…it’s no bueno to have a soggy soupy midline. The source of your strength comes from your gut…here’s a better explanation. See you guys tomorrow at the 5 or 6pm!

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