5710…what does this number mean to you?

Okay, now ask yourself one of these questions

  1. Name 2 people from the cast of Dancing with the Stars.
  2. Name 2 people from the cast of the Jersey Shore
Could you do it? Could you name more than 2 from each? 
Now go to this website..Faces of the Fallen
5710, that’s the current number of fatalities from both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Now here’s the most important question. Can you name 2 people from that list? What do you know about them? Have you talked to their families? Have you hugged them, cried with them, thanked them for their son/daughter’s service? How has their loss impacted you or your family? Honestly, have you even noticed? We are a nation at war, but has this impacted you at all? 
After listening to Brad McKee at The Disposable Heroes Project ; it motivated me to do a similar workout at PSKC to honor the sacrifice of those who have lost their lives and who have been wounded in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. How do you honor sacrifice? You sacrifice yourself…you give the only thing that is worthy in order to try and feel, to understand….their pain….you suffer, plain and simple you suffer. You put your mind and body through torture in order to try and touch a small piece of what our wounded men and women go through on a daily basis. You honor sacrifice with sacrifice…plain and painfully simple. 
Here is how we suffered..
5 rounds of:
Block Run
40 step ups
25 knees to elbows
25 swings
25 burpee pullups 
It was long, it sucked, some puked, some physically shed blood and a few tears…all suffered but everyone made it through. Not all workouts are like this and nor should they be. Typically we are laughing and cracking jokes at the gym while working hard. But sometimes, serious lessons need to be provided. When some started to get tired, to want to quit…they were instructed to look at the board where 5710 was boldly displayed…they didn’t quit on you, so don’t quit on them.

Preston after his last burpee, finishing the workout
One of the toughest women on the West Side, Tonya…showing what it means to suffer

How can you help? Go to these websites and please give to the following organizations
Or any other charity that offers help to our wounded and/or deceased veterans. But more importantly, take time to research and learn about those young men and women who have lost their lives so that you may live in the greatest country in the world…
If you know of a wounded and/or deceased veteran, please post their story in the comments. Let their memories live…honor them always. 
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