Run, Play, & Learn – PSKC Kids

Run, Play, & Learn – PSKC Kids

Academic Performace

Do you remember playing outside until dark?

Climbing trees?

Having relay races?

Riding bikes?

Unfortunately, due to many reasons play and the importance of a children’s health has declined. During this time where there is distressing drop in health, academic expectations have risen. Academic performance is the main focus for America’s schools. Why not help a child’s performance with school by teaching them the gift of health and fitness?
Many studies have shown the connection between physical fitness and academic performance. Many schools have omitted physical education classes and feel that the classes are not important enough to have during the school day. The main focuses of schools today are on the core academic areas. In the Crossfit Journal Article, “Will Crossfit Make American Kids Smarter,” a second grade teacher conducted a study that incorporated the Crossfit Kids program into her students’ daily routines.

Acadmeic PErformance 4



Her students test scores increased immensely even though the students lost 30 minutes of instruction time to exercise which shows that physical education does help students’ academic performance.

Exercise and being active is an important part of childhood. Learning the benefits and the importance at a young age will help carry what they learned throughout adulthood. America’s schools are being pushed for more time in the classroom to study the core while physical education is slipping. “Researchers are now certain that voluntary exercise can increase levels of brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), stimulate neurogenesis, increase resistance to brain insult, and improve learning and mental performance” (Bakshi 2008, Cotman & Berchtold 2002).

Academics are truly important, but why not help children achieve their potential by giving them the knowledge and opportunity of being healthy and fit? If you’d like to learn about the PSKC Kids program click HERE .

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