2nd Year Anniversary Workout

2nd Year Anniversary Workout

2 years of progress

It’s hard to believe this Saturday we will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary. As you can tell from the photo, we’ve done a tremendous amount and have put in a ton of hard work and love into this brick warehouse. In two years it has never once seemed like “work” or gotten old. The tribe continues to grow stronger and larger. Month by month we are fortunate to add new members and more importantly keep our founding crew. From the bottom of our hearts..THANK YOU.

Of course we gotta celebrate! So here’s the details for Saturday. At 9am we will have a pick your poison workout. Each of the coaches have developed their own workout to celebrate the 2 years. The workouts are up on the board at the gym. Just grab a marker and put a tick mark next to the workout you’d like:

Here are the detailed descriptions:
Option #1: 365

Partner workout, you go I go style. Each person must complete all 36 reps of the following:
Double kb push press
Weighted sit ups
Double unders
Power cleans
Pull ups
Weighted overhead lunges (18each leg)
5 gate sprints

 Option #2: Curtis P
Partner Up, you go/I go
24 x Curtis P
Legion Run
3 rounds

Option #3: Team Beatdown

Teams of 4, bar never touches the ground:
Bar loaded with 135 (25 + 2 10s on each side)
As a team:
80 squats (total team reps) @ 135 (i.e. one person holding each side of the bar)
Lantern run (with bar)
Shed a 10 off each side
70 thrusters (115#)
Legion run
Shed a 10 off each side
60 burpees (bar stays off ground)
Stoplight run 

Option #4: 8-28-10
 8 rounds of:

28 x Burpee-KB-Clean-Press (14 each arm)
10 x Deadlift (255/165)

Option #5: 2 year anniversary
Use same weight for entire workout

8 thrusters
28 deadlifts
12 hang cleans 
8 push press
28 pullups
12 front squats 

2 rounds for second anniversary 

Choose wisely!
Also, we’ll be having a BBQ/Party later on that night at the Kings house. Fun starts at 5pm. We’ll provide the meat and beer (for the 21+ crew). All you need to bring is a side dish and/or dessert. There is a sign up sheet at the gym. Please write down your name and what you’re bringing. Can’t wait to see you all on Saturday! 

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