22JUL13 – Week of Programming

22JUL13 – Week of Programming

You Will Overhead Squat..and You Will Like It

This cycle our lower body movement will be the overhead squat and upper body movement will be the split jerk. These are most advanced movements in the macro cycle (close to year’s worth of programming). Go ahead and take 2 minutes to get your bitching over with about the overhead squat..we know it’s not your favorite and we know you don’t like it…and we know you have (insert any excuse here) why you “can’t” do them. We don’t care..you’re gonna do them anyways.

The good news is that you’ll have 6 weeks to practice them and get better on them. It’s important that you get in on Monday/Wednesday to get your training maxes established. Of course you can skip every Monday if you want. Then again you’re the one who has to live with yourself …just saying.

The biggest problems you don’t like the overhead squat is your lack of mobility (especially in the thoracic/hip areas). We’ll be teaching you all mobility drills to get these areas prepped for lifting. So stay with it and spend the necessary time getting prepped and warmed up. This cycle you’ll have the opportunity to see HUGE increase in your PR with this movement if you stick to it.

And now for this week’s of programming:

Find training max for OH squat

Finisher: 12 min amrap
6 oh squats ( 75/115)
12 push ups
15 box jumps

5 strict pull ups / muscle ups
3  heavy thrusters
20 min cap to achieve maximum weight and rounds

Finisher: Do heats if necessary. 10 min cap

21 15 9
Deadlifts (155/225)
Oly option: 5×2 full squat snatch


Find training max: split jerk

Finisher: 30/30/30 x4
Mountain climbers on rings/rock hold
Goblet squat/ wall sit
Push press/ oh hold or handstand hold
Flutter kicks/ flutter kick holds

Oly. Option 5×2 full squat clean plus 1 jerk

Parter up: 7 rounds of
3 reps bench
3 deadlift
3 kb front squat
* increase weight each round

Finisher: relays of
8 x100 m lane of pain sprints

Gate sprint
100 DU
100 sit ups
80 DU
80 push ups
60 DU
60 step ups
40 t2b or k2e
Gate sprint

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