2018 PSKC Open Details!

2018 PSKC Open Details!

It’s time to get sign up for the 2018 PSKC Open / Friday Night Lights! Every year we run an intramural 5 week team competition alongside the CrossFit Open. What is the CrossFit Open?

If you’ve done it before you know it’s a blast and one of the funnest times of the year in the gym. If you haven’t done it and you’re thinking I don’t know if I can do it…YES YOU CAN. There are several divisions (Rx, Scaled, Masters) and regardless all classes will be doing the workouts on Fridays so you might as well get credit for them and help your team.

We make this competition FUN by breaking everyone down into teams and throwing down together on Friday Nights. This is the one time of the year when we all get together at the same time, lay it all on the line and support the hell out of each other. It’s really hard to describe all the positive energy that is produced on those Friday evenings. Plus now that P&P is open, a post Friday Night Lights beer is just up the street.

Plus this year we are having YOU the members as Team Captains. Here are the teams and team captains:

Spartan Black – Jenny Burns & Amanda Klaibern

Spartan Green – Ricky Gahm & Steven Harris

Spartan Grey – Katie Stevens & Holly Halverson

Spartan Red – Gary Chaffins & Ladd Dunham

Here’s what you need to:

Get signed up! Go HERE to register:   https://games.crossfit.com/ 

Select PSKC CrossFit as your affiliate, select PSKC as your team.

The team captains will have the random draft on Saturday February 10th, so you need to be signed up before then in order to get drafted on a team. If you happened to miss that deadline, then the team captains have free reign to recruit you onto their teams.


Feb 10th – Draft

18.1 – 2/23
18.2 – 3/2
18.3 – 3/9
18.4 – 3/16
18.5 – 3/23

Scoring System:

1 PT: Completing the workout
*NEW*1 PT: Completing the workout at Friday Night Lights
3 PTS: Top Males & Females in each division
5 PTS: Spirit Award

So get signed up and get on a team!

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