2012 PSKC Gauntlet = Saturday June 2nd

2012 PSKC Gauntlet = Saturday June 2nd

Save the date and mark it down on your calendars now! The PSKC Gauntlet is going down Saturday, June 2nd! Last year was the first year we put it on and was awesome..check out the below video to see what went down:

This year of course we are going to make it bigger, badder, and better. Derick Carver will be coming into town for his first trip to PSKC to observe and participate in the event. I know several of you have been wanting a chance to meet him and now you’ll get to hang out with him the whole weekend!

The Gauntlet is an awesome chance for you to test your mental and physical fitness. Each event will be scalable to fit each individual. We welcome and encourage ALL levels. If you’ve done a competition before, this is your chance to throw your hat in the arena in a warm/friendly/encouraging atmosphere.

We are still working the details at this time regarding each event. All we can say at this moment is prepared for ANYTHING. There will still be an open men’s and women’s division along with a 40+ men’s and women’s division as well.

Be prepared to be awesome. Also, we are in the process of trying to gather sponsors for the event. If you would like to become a sponsor or know of any organization/company contact Dale at: louisdaleking@yahoo.com

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