2011 Gauntlet Photo Essay

2011 Gauntlet Photo Essay

The Machine ringing the bell on an awesome day
Saturday, May 21st 2011 – such an amazing and incredible day at PSKC. There are so many people to thank that made the first PSKC Gauntlet an amazing success. First I’d like to thank our sponsors; Donna Wolery of Farmers Insurance, and Kelly Chabot of the Relaxation Station, both local small businesses here in Portsmouth. These ladies are the best at what they do.
Secondly, a huge thanks to the volunteers/judges. Garett, Shep, Mo, Muscle Hamster, and Dave. More than just judging and helping out…PSKC would not be what it is without your help. I am honored to call you guys my friends.
Lastly, those who stepped up and threw down. You made it an amazing event. When you weren’t competing, you were cheering your friends and fellow competitors on. A true demonstration of class. A huge thanks to Derek. This guy made the trip down from Chillicothe to compete. NOT TO MENTION HE HAD HIS HIP REPLACED IN JANUARY. Simply beautiful and amazing…he had to scale somethings…but there was no scaling his heart…especially during the 1/4 mile carry and 1/4 mile run. I guess that’s what I’ve come to expect from veterans…God bless them.
Onto the action! The first event was pullups for males and flexed arm hang for females. Matt took top score with 22 pullups, followed closely by the SnatchMaster Wes with 21. GI Jane took top time with 2 minutes, followed by the Golden Girl at 1:26
Next event was the daunted 5:00 Snatch Test. Primetime did the most snatches with a 35 lbr a staggering 107 and the wife finished with 98 with the 35. In the guys, the SnatchMaster finished with 98 reps followed by Baby Boy with 91.
Next up was the Quad annihilating 2 minute Goblet Squat test. The 48 yr old Machine topped off with 61 followed closely by Baby Boy with 60. In the ladies, Beast Mode finished with 61, followed closely by the wife with 60
Next up was the brutal quarter mile kettlebell carry followed by the quarter mile sprint. This was a true test of just how much you could endure the suck. Fastest females were Beast Mode at 5:22 followed by Diane at 5:30. Pete took fastest time at 4:21 followed by SSG Rogers at 5:07
Derek = an amazing man doing an amazing thing..

Finally it was time for the surprise “finisher” which was just uncalled for. You did 30 Thrusters (m44/f26), hit a 200 m run, followed by 10 burpees, then 20 thrusters, 200m sprint, and 20 burpees. Then ended with 10 thrusters, sprint, and 30 burpees. Then run and ring the bell to signify time. The photos tell the tale..


Each and everyone that signed up and completed this half day of brutalness are all amazing. This was definitely a highlight of PSKC. Next year will only be bigger and better!

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