14 Minutes…

14 Minutes…

14 minutes….

1 year ago on September 4th…exactly 14 minutes past midnight we said goodbye to our B-man, bubs..BOSTON. He fought hard to make it 14 minutes into one more day.

For 14 minutes on 9/4/2013, his mother and father held and hugged him as he gave his last breath on this Earth.

1 year ago, we all said goodbye to our favorite lil buddy as he passed onto heaven.

On Thursday we will pay tribute to his passing with a 14 minute workout designed by his mother, Coach Ashley.

14 minute AMRAP

9 pull-ups
4 squat clean and jerks (155/105)
20 double unders
13 overhead KB swings (53/35)


For 14  minutes tomorrow we ask that join us in honoring Boston. If you can’t make it to PSKC, take the 14 minutes to your local affiliate, gym, or garage. Choose any exercises as long as it’s a 14 minute AMRAP and follows the 9/4/20/13 format.

Take the 14 minutes to reflect and smile, laugh, and celebrate his time on this Earth and the thousands of lives he touched. Also take the opportunity to pray for Joe, Ash, and their families during this difficult time.

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