115 Burpee Challenge

115 Burpee Challenge

Not to mention all the orthopedic dysfunction

Working in an office sucks (it can be worse, you can work in a cubicle). But..not having a jobs sucks far worse. What you can do is strive every hour to get up and do 5 minutes of mobility. Even better do some burpees.

Don’t laugh if you’ve enlisted yourself into the 115 Burpee Challenge, you better be taking every opportunity you get to knock out your daily burpees as this monster starts to grow. We are now on Day 5, so if you are just now joining us you have to do 15 burpees to get caught up. While I’m thinking about it…if you’re doing your burpees outside the gym. Snap a photo and upload it to the PSKC Facebook wall, over the course of the 115 challenge (ends 4JUN), the most creative photo will receive a piece of PSKC swag.

Also, today they announced details for doing the Crossfit Open Workout #2 at the Arnold. Click HERE for details and to get signed up!

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