Labor Day’s Labor…
SOCF putting in work

Well over 20 people showed up to pay for the sins of the weekend. What is the only cure for bbq, beer, cake, chips, and cookies?
Swings, burpees, slamball, sandbag carries, farmers carries, and running all done in a team format will typically do the trick.
“Don’t turn your back on the wolf pack..”

Great work to all who showed up on a holiday to get their workout in. We even had four new folks show up to get their first taste of kettlebell training. It was great to have you guys and welcome to the family.
“I am haunted by the idea of time passing by unused. The idea that I could look back on a period of my life and remember nothing significant about it terrifies me.” – Craig Weller

If you take a hard look at your life are you really dedicating the necessary time to those things that are truly important in life? Do you make time for God, family, friends, and health? Are you actively engaged in life, or are you content with letting your mind and body simultaneously rot, melting away into the couch all to consumed with learning about the details of Paris Hilton’s recent drug arrest.
Yesterday at the end of class we discussed the fact that each of us only has a certain amount days on this Earth. Please go to Barefoot Fitness and read Craig Weller’s excellent post on Memento Mori. I have printed this sheet and fill in a block weekly, it’s an excellent  visual aid to keep me focused on what is important.

How you live your years is totally up to you. If your life is full on inactivity and stress, you might live a long life due to advances in medical technology; but how you spend those years is what counts. Are you destined towards a path of shopping  at Krogers in a scooter wearing an oxygen tank, spending the majority of your time and money in a healthcare facility? Or will be the example of health and strength for your family and friends to follow no matter what your age. You will always have a choice…when is it acceptable to choose the path that involves weakness?  
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